FM Cosmetics

FM Cosmetics – High quality designer family fragrance at a fraction of the cost!

FM Cosmetics were founded in 2004 by Artur Trawinski, working in partnership with his fathers company Perfand, a manufacturer with 15 years experience in perfume creation, marketing and direct sales and DROM, an international essence creator of world renoun, FM Group World has experienced explosive growth and has seen turnover climb to a staggering £50 Million per annum! The idea driving FM is that people the world over want high quality fragrances at affordable prices. When you combine that with FM quality and the proven income and distribution method of network marketing and direct sales, you have all the ingredients to create a success story.



Why FM?

  • Made by DROM who make 85% of the worlds fragrance essences
  • DROM also make for Gucci, Escada and many other leading brands
  • The perfume essences are produced ‘pureganically’, no herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers
  • NO animal testing
  • All FM packaging is recycled and recyclable
  • All women’s fragrances contain 20% perfume essence
  • Most of the men’s range is EDP at 16% perfume essence but some have 20% perfume strength
  • FM do not waste money on costly advertising campaigns
  • There is no long distribution chain so this saves on cost
  • Our perfumes come from the manufacturer, straight to you

We offer over 160 exclusive perfumes based on the same fragrance families as the worlds favourite perfumes.  Tell us your favourite brand and we will suggest a similar fragrance from our range.  We have samples for you to test before you buy.

Prices start at £7.49 for 15ml, £11.99 for 30ml/50ml and a ladies extravagant for £24.99.  There are mens aftershaves available too, all at £11.99 for 100ml

Also available from FM is a comprehensive range of makeup and associated products at affordable prices – smell, feel and see them when you visit us.