Results without the irritation…™


Medik8 is a scientifically based company. Accordingly, technology is integral to the design, manufacture, and even the presentation of products to our customers.

Most skin is sensitive, it is just to what degree. A simple change of washing powder can demonstrate this. People of all ages and skin types can periodically suffer from sensitive skin, making them particularly susceptible to certain irritating cosmeceutical ingredients. In fact, those suffering from acne, rosacea or psoriasis usually have greater skin sensitivity, which can be exacerbated by some aggressive treatment products that they use.  Medik8 is a skin research company pioneering the cosmeceutical technology of providing products suitable for sensitive skin without compromising efficacy, so they may be used by everyone.


  • Medik8 – Pioneering Green Cosmeceuticals
  • Bio-available ingredients
  • Green chemistry technologies
  • 100% Soap-free
  • No harsh detergents
  • SLES, SLS & Sulphate Free
  • 100% Paraben Free
  • Environmental Group FSC Approved Packaging

Apart from a general skin care user preference towards natural and organic cosmetics, many of the finest ingredients used in today’s cosmeceuticals are actually derived from natural sources. Medik8 uses green chemistry, which is an emerging field of science that refers to more skin and environmentally friendly manufacturing techniques. This is especially true with regard to the production and extraction of actives,for example Medik8 avoid using ethoxylation techniques.

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