New Treatments

We visited Edinburgh recently to select our new equipment and are now able to offer more treatments for you using some of the latest advanced machines available.  Along with additional features to our popular Radio Frequency skin rejuvenation treatments we also have advanced IPL technology enabling effective Fungal Nail treatments.

Here are 2 new treatments that we have now introduced.

1 – Fungal nail – many people suffer from fungal toe nails.  Studies are showing that Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) or Pulsed Light (PL) is becoming a recognised and effective treatment protocol for this condition.

Basically the light kills the bacteria causing the condition in the first place, allowing the nail to grow back normally.  It will only target the fungus and does not effect the structure or tissue around the toe.

2 – Low Laser Laser Fat Reduction (Lipolytic Laser) – we have taken delivery of one of the latest Lipolytic Laser machines that helps to reduce the size of fat cells.  The laser light encourages the  pores on the fat cell to open and the fat to emulsify allowing the cell  to drain fat out into the interstitial space contained within the body.  Because the fat has drained the cell containing the fluid reduces its size.

Used in conjunction with a healthy life style and diet and over a course of up to 8 to 12 sessions it is possible that size loss can be significant.  We have observed an average waist reduction of 2cm in just a 20 minute session.

A full treatment ranges from 6 to 12 sessions (maximum allowed per area is 12) with 2 per week, at least 72 hours apart.  Sessions last between 10 and 20 minutes depending on body size and mass.  You need 5 minutes on our vibration plate both before and after each session.

Of course it is perfectly acceptable to have fewer sessions, you can stop when ever your desired size has been attained or you can spread the sessions a little further apart.  We have witnessed reductions of between 1 and 4cm around the waist on several individual women in just one session although this does vary between individuals.

Popular areas to treat are thighs, abdomen, stomach, backs (around bra strap area) and arms.

How do you register your interest?

Simply fill in the contact form,  give us a little background as to your concerns, and we will get back to you.