Clarity System 1000 at the Pearl Centre

Yesterday, (March 13th) I took the Clarity System 1000 to the Pearl Centre at Orton Southgate.  The system went down a treat with staff at the facility.  This system will map your complexion, pigment, vascular and diffused redness, count enlarged pores, count and grade into 3 catagories your lines and wrinkles, and measure severity of acne.

Many thanks to all the people who stopped by for a chat – I hope to see you there on next month’s visit.

We are having great success with this unit – our clients are highly impressed with the facial reports and value the detail within them.

For ourselves, it gives us that little added extra “umph” to our consultations and the extra information we get from the report allows us to really target those imperfections hiding under the surface that the human eye cannot see.


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