10 Years Younger Programme

If you’ve seen the TV show and wish you could do the same, here at My Body Essentials we have much of what you need to help you turn back the clock without the need for the knife!

From around the age of 25 your body’s regeneration processes starts to slow down.

Probably the most noticeable effects of this being your skins collagen and elastin, its renewal decreases by around 1% each year thus we start to see those fine lines and wrinkles appearing, you know, the little crows-feet round the eyes and the frown lines that then creep deeper and further as we get older.

Over the years too, you sometimes see a build up of pigment – those appealing little freckles become bigger and darker and the odd brown spot forms after years of over exposure to the sun, this can happen especially on the backs of your hands where a lot of people tend to forget when applying their daily SPF.

Then there are the tiny red veins that start to make you look like you are constantly blushing, otherwise known as Telangiectasia (spider veins) these can be hereditary, although again these are often worsened by over exposure to the sun and the daily barrage of pollutants (free radicals) within our environment.

By following a healthy eating lifestyle (the odd treat here and there never hurts) along with a good regular skincare regime you will go a long way in maintaining and keeping both your skin and body in good condition.  As the stress and rigours of daily life takes its toll you may require just that little bit of extra care and attention, not to mention those little pockets of ‘me’ time to chill and be pampered while the rest of the world rushes on, so this is where we come in with a helping hand.

From repairing previous damage to preventing further issues this plan gives you the opportunity to mix and match from all our skin care and Lipo Belt treatments.  There is helpful advice on hand for both skin care regimes and healthy eating plans.  Your treatment plan will be individually tailored to your specific needs, from acne to sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles to unwanted bulges.  But before we can start we need to give you a FREE one to one consultation session which will include a skin analysis with the honest and open information you need to help you turn back or slow down the years.

With this terrific package you can relax knowing that we are fully qualified and that our treatments are safe and effective using the latest advanced technology available, leaving your skin with a much more youthful look and feel with a body shape you will be proud of.

For this plan you can choose

£600 worth of treatments for only £475

a saving of at least 20%

from our following range of treatments:

IPL Pigment / Thread Vein Removal

Chemical Peels

Lypolitic Laser Body Sculpting / Fat Reduction

Diamond Peel

Radio Frequency

Combi Treatments

Dermapen™ Micro Needling

CryoPen Cosmetic Procedures





Terms and Conditions

For treatments to be best effective they will need to be taken at the intervals advised and within a 6 month time frame.  As an individual your results will be unique to you and while you will see effective results we cannot precisely predict the outcome of your treatments.   We will require a non returnable deposit of £25 at the FREE consultation stage or when your 1st appointment is made or if appropriate, when a patch test is carried out, with the remaining balance being paid with 2 evenly divided payments, 1 at the first session, the remaining balance at session 3 or when your account falls into a zero or negative balance.  Unless your account is in credit to the full value of desired session your treatment cannot be undertaken.  IPL treatments are conditional on a successful patch test prior to first session.  If taking Chemical Peels then protocols must be followed.  We will not treat with a Level 3 peel unless at least one of each a  level 1 and 2 peel has been taken.  Level 3 peels will be given only when we feel your skin is ready to accept the highly active ingredients safely .  All sessions must be taken within 6 months of the starting date.  No refunds will be given for sessions not taken. We reserve the right to amend planned sessions depending on individual skin reactions.  Any maintenance sessions thereafter will be charged at current list or offer price at time of appointment.  Products are not included in this offer.

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