Groupon IPL Hair Removal

Welcome to our page specifically for our Groupon deal for IPL Hair Removal.  Thank you for either considering to or for buying our Groupon IPL Hair Removal deal.  The Groupon deal is specifically for new customers only and is designed as an introduction to our skin and body care services.  There is a limit of 1 voucher per person.

Forma TK

Forma TK

Our IPL hair removal is carried out using our medical grade Forma TK and Sonic Medical Zeolight IPL Machines.  Our offer has no hidden extras or shot restrictions.  Please bear in mind that hair removal will need a minimum of 6 sessions and 8 to 10 is more the average.  Please continue reading to ensure you get the best from our Groupon deal.

We are offering a limited number of areas as below.


Small – Upper lip, Chin or Bikini Line

Medium – Underarms, Lower arms (not hands) or Neck

Medium Large – Lower legs (not knees or feet – £20 per session) or back

We are strictly controlling these areas. If any other area in the same size category from our price list is requested then the following swap fee per session is payable

S – £15, M – £20, ML – £25

Bikini upgrades are available at the following costs per session. Extended £30, Brazilian £40.

Any additional sessions required after the initial 6 will attract a 10% discount off the list price.  Once a 3-month break between treatments has elapsed then the offer is ended and any further maintenance sessions are charged as per our price list.





We are offering 6 sessions on an additional single area from our price list at 25% off the list price per session. After the initial 6 sessions, this additional area may be continued as above at a 10% discount. 

This does not include combination prices. All other areas will be charged at list price or incorporated into a combination – this excludes the Groupon area.


Missed Appointments

Unfortunately, it has become necessary for us to enforce the Groupon 24-hour cancellation policy.  Missed sessions without 24 hours’ notice will be counted as a used session and deducted from the total remaining.

Any appointments not taken within 6 months expiry date may incur a surcharge of £15 per session.