Skin Analysis

Skin analysis – have you ever wondered whats going on under the top layer of your skin. Do those little red veins seem to be growing in number but you would rather not see them?  Are those  unsightly brown sun damage spots getting bigger?  Wrinkles getting deeper?  Are you lacking confidence in your appearance?

We can answer most of these questions (all but the last one) for you using our didital skin analysis system.  We can help give you back confidence by having healthier, younger looking skin.

My Body Essentials are proud to introduce the Clarity 1000 Digital Skin Analysis System (SAS). We now have unrivaled assistance to help and advise you on how to keep you looking and feeling great in your skin.

The SAS system will analyse and mapBenefits of laser skin treatment

  • complexion – Reveal your true complexion health with the SAS Complexion map. The image displays areas of heightened redness levels in addition to areas of hyper pigmentation, blemishes, and age spots. The Spot Visibility Score measures the percentage of area involved in brown, pigmented areas.
  • wrinkles – Wrinkles are the primary target for many anti-aging regimens, by identifying lines based on their severity level the SAS ensures a skin care regime targets all facets of maturing skin. Reveal emerging lines, which are developed by changes to the skin’s laxity as we age, to providing counts for the more visible fine and deep lines of the skin.
  • pigment – Melanin distribution, or brown spots, can be evidence of aging, sun damage, and blemishes due to pigmentary disorders. Identifying these regions for targeted treatments along with a spot count measurement provides you with a definitive approach to correcting their pigmentary concerns.
  • pore size – SAS identifies the number of enlarged pores/blackheads within key facial regions, along with a smoothness score to measure the skin’s texture.
  • redness – There are multiple causes of increased redness levels of the skin. From vascular conditions to sensitive/reactive skin, treating redness effectively can be challenging. By measuring overall redness levels of the skin versus localised, intense red patches the SAS enables optimal treatment results.
  • acneAcne grading with severity scores is a critical aspect to effectively treating clients. The SAS measures key parameters of acne: number of lesions, whiteheads, pimples, and pustules, visibility of lesions, redness of scars, colour of scars on a red to brown scale, visibility of scars, acne grade

We can analyse front, left and right profiles. Because the system analyses your image results there is absolutely no room for “mis-interpretation”, “subjectiveness” or “personal opinions”. It will also compare images over time so that your progress can be measured and tracked accurately through your treatments.

Used around the world by cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists, and other medical and skin care professionals, the SAS captures multi-spectral photos of the face, examining complexion, wrinkles, pigment, pores, redness and acne. Each of these 6 criteria are mapped individually.  You will receive a personalised skin report with your 6 separate photographic scans and summary to take home.

We will use our extensive treatment and product knowledge in order to recommend your bespoke solution.

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