Chemical Peels


Here at My Body Essentials we are able to provide the highest quality and safest Chemical Peels.  Our Chemical Peels are supplied by Image Skin Care, with chemical peel products featuring all natural ingredients, such as Aloe Vera, Papaya, Green Tea and Vitamin C.  The philosophy for Image peels is ‘Peel, then Heal’.  25% of your result comes from our treatment room, the remaining 75% is achieved by you at home.  These chemical peels effectively treat acne, anti-ageing, pigmentation, lines & wrinkles, uneven skin pigmentation and Rosacea.  We can take you through from organic  (suitable for teen and pregnant) to medical grade TCA peeling.   No other chemical peel product line provides this many options.

The facial peels available in our I-Peel line can be combined with the I-Enhance products, offering unmatched customization options to completely customize your peel treatment.

Our peel solutions can effectively help to reduce Rosacea and redness, pigmentation, ageing, acne and wrinkles.  The peels also help to re-balance your skin.  We provide the following I Peel Solutions:


Ormedic Lift unbalanced, pregnant or teens.
Signature Face Lift Rosacea, de-hydrated or pregnant
Lightning Lift Pigmentation
Wrinkle Lift Ageing
Acne & Acne Advanced Acne


There are peels for everyone, however, certain protocols and procedures must be followed.  All clients requesting peel solutions must have either been using the correct products for at least 2 weeks, or have had  preparation treatment (Signature Facial).  Our I Peel solutions are available in 2 levels, and you must start at level 1.

You also need to be aware that your skin will peel, to some degree.  Not everyone peels on a level 1.  Level 2 may peel for 3 to 6 days.  These are of course estimates as is the start to peel time.  This can happen from day 1 for some clients.  Your skin may be red or dry, or both for some time too.  This will all pass in a relatively short space of time.  You MUST adhere to the after care instructions.  These are quite simple –

You must –

  • use a SPF of at least 30
  • allow skin to shed on its own (no assistance i.e. picking/scratching)
  • increase your water intake
  • moisturise regularly
  • avoid sun and heat exposure
  • avoid waxing
  • avoid chlorine and steam for 7 days
  • avoid exfoliation and retinol until peeling subsides

We can optimize and enhance your results with I ENHANCE, a specialist range of enhancers that really do enhance your peel.

  • Antioxidant Enhancerimage-category-i-enhance_2
  • Hyaluronic Acid Facial Enhancer
  • Kojik Acid Facial Enhancer
  • Retinol Enhancer
  • Stem Cell Facial Enhancer
  • Vitamin C Facial Enhancer

Treatment Protocol

The procedure follows a few simple steps, but varies in the type of and amount of product being used.  Firstly there is cleansing, followed by a degrease stage.  Then the peel solution is applied.  The sensation felt depends on the peel level and your pain threshold but will range from a mild tingling sensation to quite a hot feeling.  Whilst the clock is ticking we are watching for small changes in your skin, in some instances we can see the peel agent taking effect immediately, lifting pigment or reducing redness.  Once the allotted time has elapsed the peel will be neutralised with cold water.  After this, enhancers, masques, moisturisers and healing products are applied.  With levels 1 & 2 we will give you 2 products,  which will be enough to assist with the home care and healing.


Level 1 – £80

Level 2 – £100