Acne Lift


The Acne Lift is designed specifically for Acne grades 1 and 2.

This potent chemical peel for acne blends Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids and contains anti-inflammatory agents to effectively treat and heal acne lesions.

The Acne Lift requires neutralising and the time the solution stays on the skin primarily depends on the reaction we can see, and of course, you.  There are maximum limits of course.  After deep cleaning and de-greasing the solution is applied.  Once the allotted time frame has passed the solution is neutralised using ice-cold water.  A selection of products are then applied to start the repair process.  A Vitamin C mask, lighteners, eye repair, hydration, protection and a lip balm.  It is likely that your skin will be quite shiny so we have foundations for you.acne 2acne 1

This is a chemical peel so it is highly likely that your skin will peel perhaps starting on day 2.  It is vital that you do not assist peeling.

The Acne Lift will help to reduce the size and number of outbreaks.  Removing unsightly scarring and dis-colouration giving you a much lighter and smoother skin tone, and perhaps the most important part of all, giving you back your confidence.

Aloe Vera Carrier/base
20% Blend:
  •  Salicylic Acid BHA exfoliator
  •  Glycolic Acid AHA exfoliator
Bearberry Skin lightener
Polypeptides Skin revitalizer
Vitamin C Antioxidant
Green Tea Antioxidant
Meadowsweet Anti-inflammatory
Comfrey Anti-inflammatory
Chamomile Anti-inflammator