Lightening Lift


The Lightening Lift blends lactic and kojic acids and is specifically designed to lighted and brighten your complexion, removing pigmentation, blemishes and reducing the redness caused by Rosacea.  Available as both level 1 and 2 peels.  Level 2 includes a carefully selected cocktail of enhancers.

The Lightening Lift is a peel that needs neutralising and the time the solution stays on the skin primarily depends on the reaction we can see, and of course, you.  There are maximum limits of course.  After deep cleaning and de-greasing the solution is applied.  Once the allotted time frame has passed the solution is neutralised using ice-cold water.  A selection of products are then applied to start the repair process.  A Vitamin C Hydrating Enzume mask, lighteners, hydrators, eye repair, protection and a lip balm.  It is likely that your skin will be quite shiny so we have foundations for you.lightening 2lightening 1

Your skin may not peel on level 1, but will certainly peel with the level 2 so you must be prepared for some down time.  Assisting shedding is not advisable.  After the 10 day healing time your skin will look and feel fantastic.



Aloe Vera Carrier/base
50% Blend:

  • Lactic Acid
  • Kojic Acid
AHA Exfoliator
Skin lightener/tyrosinase inhibitor
Bearberry Skin lightener
Polypeptides Skin revitalizer
Vitamin C Antioxidant
Green Tea Antioxidant
Meadowsweet Anti-inflammatory
Comfrey Anti-inflammatory
Chamomile Anti-inflammatory