Dermapen™ Micro Needling Skin Treatments.

For Acne and Surgical Scarring, Lines and Wrinkles, Thread/Spider Veins, Pigmentation and Stretch Mark’s.

Dermapen™ treatments are now available at My Body Essentials.  For our treatment plans, costs, and procedures or if you require any further information regarding these treatments then please give us a call on 01733 305102.

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The Dermapen™ promotes scar-less healing and natural collagen reproduction, similar to fractional laser treatments, IPL, laser resurfacing, and chemical peels, but without the side effects or longer downtime.  Dermapen doesn’t burn your skin (like IPL/laser), dissolve it (like chemical peels), or abrade and scrape it (like dermabrasion). The Dermapen gently stimulates your skin with very fine needles that encourages natural collagen production. Collagen is what your body produces to keep your skin healthy.

With the Dermapen™ we offer skin rejuvenation and body care. Treating acne and surgical scarring, facial and skin wrinkles, reducing pore size and improving complexions, fading pigmentation, dispersing red thread veins and for shrinking loose skin and stretch mark’s. Bringing you bespoke solutions to your skin and body care issues.  Our free no obligation, confidential consultation includes digital skin facial analysis, honest friendly advice, and your professionally tailored personal treatment plan.


Skin conditions that can be treated with Dermapen.

  • Acne Scarring (especially depressed acne scars)
  • Surgical Scars
  • Wrinkles (especially around the mouth, frown lines and crows feet)
  • Improving skin texture and tightness
  • Loss of skin pigment (hypo-pigmentation) as a result of scarring
  • Sun damage, Age Spots and Pigmentation issues
  • Thread Veins
  • Stretch Mark’s

Micro needling can be used on all skin types from light to dark skins.

Micro Needling vs Dermal Rolling

The dermal roller is the precursor to Dermapen Micro Needling – the dermal roller a simple mechanical device whose primary use is Percutaneous Collagen Induction (PCI) therapy. Results are noteworthy, to say the least. The problem is that while the micro needle concept is executed with dermal rollers, compared to the dermapen it is quite painful, and any post-treatment erythema (redness) and/or edema (swelling) tends to last about four to seven days, creating unwanted downtime. The micro wounds seen with the dermal roller are much more traumatic to the skin; instead of a rapid vertical needle insertion and withdrawal of the Dermapen™, dermal rollers enter into and leave the skin at an angle so creating more of a tearing wound, this may be responsible for the longer downtime. Also, the relatively small size of the Dermapen tip makes it capable of treating smaller, more inaccessible areas such as the upper lip much easier, areas that a dermal roller cannot easily reach. From a clinical standpoint ensuring sterility is essential, and with Dermapen it is accomplished with the simple swapping of disposable tips. A dermal roller must be manually sterilized between users.

Skin care products used with and after Micro Needling.

Immediately after micro needling we apply professional strength cosmeceutical skin care products – it is at this point the active ingredients will be able to absorb deeper into the skin. We choose the appropriate products depending on the results you as an individual are aiming to achieve.

Dermapen increases skin care product absorption & effectiveness, the micro-needles that create tiny punctures in the skin, pushing the pores open for a short period of time enable the active ingredients to reach the lower layers of the skin so they are more effective when influencing your skin functions.

To enhance the results of your micro needling treatment we strongly advise that you purchase and religiously use an aftercare kit from our selection available. The kits contain enough cosmeceutical skin care products for around 2 weeks use while your skin is at its most receptive stage in the repair process. The gentle but active ingredients are designed to aid healing and repair damaged cells, the pack will include a cleanser, serum, facial mask, moisturizing cream and the all-important SPF. These products will enhance your skin functions whether they are sebum reducing, cell renewal, anti-aging, lightening or for any other purpose you have for your micro needling treatment.

Seeing results with the Dermapen.

These pictures are of one of our clients, taken before, after 2 and 3 Dermapen treatments, taken a month apart.  We used Dermaceuticals Hyla Active B5 serum during treatment and Image Vital C Hydrating Repair Cream to heal with.  The treatments each took around half an hour to complete.



Pre treatment


After 1 treatment


After 3 treatments








Pre treatment

After 4 treatments

After 4 treatments







Micro needling & skin healing results are very individual. It’s impossible to give a definite time frame for your results. Immediately following a micro needling treatment your skin will be red and a little sore, such as it would be in the case of severe sunburn. The redness usually begins to subside after a few (2 – 4) hours.  You may feel a little sore for a short while following cleansing and applying products for the first 24 hours. You can cover the reddened area with make-up once the soreness ceases after treatment.


After Micro needling, you will notice changes in your skin in the first days and weeks after the treatment as the skin renews itself and collagen regrows. Skin renewal triggered by Dermapen usually takes about 28 days to occur, in this time you will see continual improvement in the appearance of your skin. Visible skin improvement can continue for up to twelve months following a course of 4 – 6 treatments depending on a person’s individual age and issues. Skin will become firmer, more refined, smoother and will be rejuvenated, and the luminosity of the complexion will improve.


The need to be careful in the sun after Micro needling.

Use a minimum of SPF30 (preferably a factor 50 which is provided in the aftercare packs) sunscreen for at least first 4 weeks after every Dermapen use. We recommend using a broad spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen at all times during daytime hours to protect skin from harmful UV rays, free radical and pollution based damage. Using sunscreen every day helps to keep your skin more youthful & slows the aging process.

Sunscreen is not just a beauty product, but it is a necessity for healthy and younger-looking skin.


Small £100    
Stretch Marks/Scars      
Medium £150    
Back of Hands      
Full Face      
Stretch Marks/Scars      
Upper or Lower Abdomen      
Large £170    
Full Abdomen      
Full Face, Neck & Decolletage      
With ALL Dermapen™ treatments an after care kit must be purchased. These range from £10 to £35 depending on the treatment taken.