Fungal Nails

My Body Essentials can safely reduce and eliminate the infection that causes fungal nails on both hands and feet using Intense Pulsed Light (IPL).  We use the FormaTK and Forma Light machines that safely deliver medical grade treatments.  Our IPL fungal nail sessions are virtually pain-free, but depending on your individual sensitivity may be a little uncomfortable.  We can safely treat all skin types for fungal nails.

It is advisable for your nail to have been tested by your G.P.  You will need at minimum of 8 to 12 sessions, spaced 2 weeks apart.  Light and heat travel into the nail, subsequently killing the virus causing the fungal infection.  It is highly advisable that you regularly use a sanitizing foot spray between treatment sessions.  We recommend Mundo Sanitizing Hand and Foot Spray which we have available for you to purchase.  After your 8 to 12 sessions you need to re test the nail to see if the fungal has been killed.  If so, then you need to wait for your nail to re grow.  This could take some time.

With laser treatments, the number of sessions drops dramatically to 4 to 6, and, we only need to treat the infected nail, and not all the toes.  The principles of the treatment are the same.

How do I get started? – You need to come and see us for your free consultation.  At your consultation we will explain how everything works, what it means for you, the treatment protocol and discuss pricing.  Once we have determined that there are no contraindications relating to your treatment and if agree to continue with treatment we can treat straight away.  There is no need for a patch test.

Treatment Protocol

IPL fungal nail treatments are fairly simple procedure.toefungus-300x193

  • The nails are cleaned and filed flat.
  • A cooling IPL Gel is applied to protect the nail and surrounding skin.
  • IPL light is given. This may be uncomfortable but not painful.

Following the treatment, it is advisable to have your shoes sterilised and also purchase a supply of new socks – enough to change into a freshly laundered pair at least once every day. You need to be sure you keep your feet dry and sanitized between cleansing (bathing or showering) especially if you suffer from excessive sweating of the feet.  Your damaged nail will grow out leaving a new healthy nail in around 9 to 18 months.  You should see the damaged nail reducing as this happens.

IPL/Laser Hair Removal

Forma TK


We believe that our price list reflects the quality and safety of treatments that we offer.  If your requirements are not listed then please contact us for a quote.  The price list is cost per session.

Case StudyOnychomycosis and IPL- case study

White PaperOnychomycosis Treatment with Fungus Clinic IPL Device

Callus Peel


My Body Essentials want you to look and feel good from top to toe. For some people, especially those spending a lot of time on their feet, the build up of hard dry skin can be pretty uncomfortable, it can become cracked and sore and definitely not very not pretty to look at or to feel.




We have a solution that is fast, easy and very cost effective.

Our Callus Peel works in 4 quick steps

patch and wrap





The treatment takes only around 30 minutes – 15 to 20 minutes for the patches to soften the skin and around 10 minutes or so to remove skin and smooth the area.

The product is safe and uses only cosmetic ingredients. You will see the difference after just one treatment although in some cases further treatments may be required at 2 to 3 week intervals until your feet are baby soft.

Hygiene levels are maintained to our usual high standards with all equipment sterilised or renewed between client treatments.

This is a pain free treatment and can often feel much like a foot massage. It will only hurt if you have cuts or cracks that are weeping. Dry cracks are fine.

There are no side effects from this treatment as it covers only the calloused areas.

Once you have achieved beautiful soft feet a maintenance session can be taken every few months.

Hard callous skin on the feet is caused by pressure and friction from long periods of standing or walking especially if you wear poor fitting shoes. The dead skin cells build up slowly over time so a regular Callus Peel treatment is advisable to keep your feet healthy.

On your first visit you will need a short consultation to complete our consultation form so please allow an extra 15-20 minutes for this. We can also check for other problems such as nail fungal and advise on suitable treatment should this be required.


Fungal Nail
Single Foot IPL (RRP £75) Voucher Price £15
Both Feet IPL (RRP £120) Voucher Price £25
Per Toe Laser (RRP £75) Voucher Price £15
Mundo Sanatising Spray £9.99
Nail Testing £25.00
Callus Peel
Heels £25.00
Heels & Pads £30.00