Laser Hair Removal

Hair Removal using IPL

My Body Essentials carry out Laser Hair Removal with Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) here at Shrewsbury Avenue.  Using the Forma TK and Forma Light machines our IPL/Laser hair removal sessions are virtually pain free.  We will consider any part of the body, on both males and females, but cannot shape eye brows or treat scalp hair.  We can safely treat skin types 1 to 5 on the Fitzpatrick Scale (White European to Asian).  Unfortunately we cannot treat skin type 6 (Afro Caribbean).

ladysittingWe have been servicing the Peterborough area for over six years now and have gained plenty of experience with hair removal.  We have a large client base including extensive experience of safely treating darker skin types.

You will need around 6 to 8 sessions, spaced 4 weeks apart.  We can only kill hair that’s in the Anagen (full growth) stage, when the hair is attached to the dermal papilla.  Because light travels down the hair shaft and kills the dermal papilla, the hair needs to be attached as light cannot ‘jump’ the gap.  Your hair normally grows in cycles of 3 to 5 weeks and that is why you need multiple sessions as we cannot tell at what growth stage your hair is at any given time.   Usually the last 2 sessions are hair growth stagesspaced 6 weeks apart to allow any damaged hair to grow through. Success depends on several factors, hair colour, strength and location within the dermis.  Upper lip and facial hair follicles are located shallower than pubic hair, making pubic hair that little harder to remove.

Right from session 1 the least you will notice is a thinning and slowing down of your hair growth.   Around 10 days after your treatment you may see some hair fall out, dead.  As the sessions progress, more hair will die and the area will clear.

There is a chance that your body will grow more hair follicles and some hair over time, but no hair will grow in the follicles we kill.  This growth will be dependent on hormone levels and each individual will be different .  Therefore, you will need one or two maintenance sessions perhaps 12 monthly or sometimes even longer apart.

You are required not to wax, tweeze, thread or pull out the hair in the area during treatments.  Shaving. trimming or the use of hair removal creams are acceptable forms of hair control between sessions.

Unfortunately we cannot treat very blonde, red or white hair.

How do I get started? – You need to come and see us for your free consultation.  At the consultation we will explain how everything works, what it means for you, the treatment protocol, discuss pricing.  If you are in agreement to continue with treatment we carry out a patch test for you.  The patch test will be somewhere unobtrusive, but near to the area to be treated.  The patch test must be left for at least 24 hours.  If we are satisfied that your skin is suitable and can deal with IPL and the products needed at treatment then your treatment programme can begin.  If you decide to go ahead and have a patch test then we will require your first treatment fee at that time (this is refundable in the unlikely event that the patch test results prove your skin to be incompatible with treatments).  At your second and subsequent appointments, you just pay for each appointment as you have

Treatment Protocol

IPL/Laser hair removal is a fairly simple procedure.  It is advisable to shave no closer than 48 hours prior to your first treatment. We will advise at later sessions when you may need to shave earlier before the appointment because of slower growth.

  • The area is cleaned and any make up, deodorants or cleansing residue removed.
  • Any long hair is trimmed from the area being treated.
  • A cooling IPL Gel is applied in order to protect the skin.
  • IPL light is given. This may be uncomfortable but not painful.
  • Aloe Vera is applied to soothe the area and on exposed areas SPF 30+ sun protection is also used.

Sun exposure is not advisable whilst undergoing IPL/Laser hair removal as this may cause the skin to hyperpigment.  It could also effect how the IPL reacts on your skin.  On facial and exposed areas a high quality broad spectrum SPF 30+  is a must between sessions.  We have a range of quality moisturising SPF 30+ products available for purchase if you wish.  It is important to schedule a course of treatments for facial, leg and bikini areas with summer weather and your sunshine holiday in mind.  Tanned skin cannot be treated as it may cause hyperpigmentation and extreme discomfort so under these circumstances we will refuse your treatment until such time that your tan has faded.  The effect of missing sessions is that the damaged hair will start to repair before it has been effectively treated and you will require more sessions.

IPL/Laser Hair Removal

Treatment room 1 featuring our Forma TK


We believe that our price list reflects the quality and safety of treatments that we offer.  We have tried to cover all combinations however, if for any reason your requirements are not listed, then please contact us for a quote.  The price list is cost per session.

Hair Removal

Small Areas (X 2 £80) £50 Large Areas (L) £170
Bikini (Standard)   Back & Shoulders  
Chin   Chest & Abdomen  
Cheeks   Full Legs  
Feet   Combinations  
Stomach Line   1 Small & 1 Medium £90
Sides   1 Small & 1 Medium Large £120
Upper Lip   1 Medium & 1 Medium Large £140
    1 Medium & 2 Medium Large £170
Medium Areas (X 2 £120) £70 2 Areas – 1 L, any ML, M or S £190
Bikini (Extended)   3 Areas – 1 L, any 2 ML, M or S £210
Neck   4 Areas – 1 L, 1 ML, any 2 M or S £223
Lower Legs   5 Areas – 1 L, 2 ML, any 2 M or S £260
Lower Arms    

Consultations are free of charge.If a patch test is taken then the first treatment price is payable at the consultation stage.Further treatments are paid at the appointment time.We are happy to quote for complete bespoke treatments that may include a combination of our services.Our prices include VAT.

Medium Large Areas (X 2 £160) £100
Bikini (Brazilian)  
Full Arms including Hands  
Full Face & Neck  
Upper or Lower Legs including