Laser Tattoo Removal – ND-Yag, Removes All Colours

The most effective system available for laser tattoo removal without scarring”

My Body Essentials are pleased to announce the arrival of the Zeolight Q-Switched ND-Yag tattoo removal laser system. The Q-switch laser is proven to be the most effective way of removing a tattoo without scarring.

The popularity of tattoos matched with the high prevalence of “tattoo regret” has caused millions of clients to seek tattoo removal.

Laser tattoo removal has established itself within the aesthetics community as the only true answer to unwanted tattoos. Endless success stories prove that laser tattoo removal can remove tattoos to completion without scarring or burns.
Lifestyles fluctuate, and the permanency of tattoos has caused a great need for a reliable tattoo removal method. The Zeolight Q-switched laser gives My Body Essentials an effective solution.
The Q-Switched Zeolight Laser has the ability to remove green pigments.  This is the safest and most effective laser tattoo removal technique which can remove all colour pigments.
 We have a slightly different take on tattoo removal.  If your tattoo is coloured, then we will usually cover it over two sessions.  Firstly, for the colour, then a week later for the outline.  As your skin turns red and swells, it’s difficult to see a thin black line.  We also carry out your treatments 6 weeks apart.  The body has to dispel the pigment shattered by the laser and that takes time.  We also want your skin to have healed properly before we laser it again.  We understand that this makes for a long journey, but at least it will be a very safe one for you.Laser Tattoo Removal 2
Size depends on how much ink there is to shoot at as many tattoos have empty spaces within them.  We will only charge you for the work we need to do. 
Patch tests are required and must be left for 24 hours before treatment can begin.  We will clean the skin and dry it.  We will then begin to shoot the tattoo.  If you need to take a break, that’s no problem.  An audible clicking sound can be heard and that is the laser light shattering the pigment.  “Frosting” will occur and as the sessions pass, gets less.  This frosting does not last long.Laser Tattoo Removal 3
It feels like a hot pin or the flick on an elastic band.  Numbing cream can be used if required but we really need to get feedback from you so we know what is going on during your treatment. 
Afterwards the skin may feel tender for a day or so.  There is no sun, saunas, steam rooms or chlorine (we will cover aftercare fully at your consultation).  Sometimes there may be what appears to be a graze which must be left to heal naturally.  At first it will appear that nothing has happened however over the next 4 to 6 weeks the body disperses the pigment and your tattoo will fade.
Due to the cost of the insurance Martin is carrying out the laser tattoo removal treatments.  Both Mary and Michelle are fully trained and all three can answer any questions you may have.  We will take photographs before and after your treatment.
Here is Martin’s tattoo treated with the Zeolight before, during and after 3,4 & 5 treatments

Prior to Treatment



After 3 Treatments

After 3

After 4

After 5

After 5

Laser Tattoo Removal
Extra Small £40.00
Small £60.00
Medium £80.00
Medium Large £110.00
Large £190.00