At My Body Essentials we believe that feeling great goes a long way to looking great too – being calm, relaxed and confident about yourself is key to how you interact with others and how they perceive you too, so with thanks to Michelle, we have introduced more options enabling you to be relaxed with yourself in the form of massaging.

For starters a Deep Tissue Massage will work on those knots and soothe tired muscles, the massaging improves circulation helping to remove toxins from your body, de-stressing you and enhancing your general well being, you will benefit from improved sleep patterns and so your mood will lift.

Once you have got those muscles a little more relaxed which can sometimes take several sessions you can lie back and let Michelle perform a more gentle Massage taking you to a new dimension.

With the tranquility of soft music and burning candles, this is a truly luxurious treatment – the warm oils are designed to smooth, brighten, tone, repair and hydrate your skin instantly while warming deep into those muscles keeping them supple and relaxed.

For both the Deep Tissue or Relaxing massages we offer a full body 60 minute option or if you are short of time you can take a quick session treating your back only with the 30 minute option.

Deep Tissue Massage Full Body  £50 (1 hour)   Back £35  (30 minutes)

Relaxing Massage Full Body £50 (1 hour)    Back £35 (30 minutes)


Our treatment room speakers have Bluetooth control so you can enjoy soft music – please feel free to bring your own choice of music if you wish.